My Story

I have always loved art. When I was 14, my family moved to the United States from Ecuador. Through that transition, I hold a deep appreciation for different cultures and styles of expression. In high school, I made a point to attend every art class that my school offered, and won numerous awards from my high school and hometown. Since then, I have invested more time in the arts, exploring different mediums such as oil painting, photography, pastels, and especially, pottery. I have taken art classes at St. Francis University, Flint Institute of Arts and MOTT Community College and have also enjoyed learning firsthand from renown artists Mark Gingerich, Robert Spooner, and Steven Hill. Since 2015, my focus has shifted from oil painting to working almost solely in functional ceramics. My work in ceramics is inspired by organic shapes, textures and colors, and the idea that art is something that should be touched, used, and experienced in the course of everyday life. I and my wife, Allison, and daughter, Ana, live in Flint, Michigan.


I spend a lot of my time outdoors exploring my surroundings. I believe that nature contains unparalleled design and beauty which I believe communicates the existence of a Creator and speaks to my spirit. Consequently, I desire for my work to reflect the organic shapes, undulating lines, and loose patterns found in nature. I find it fascinating to study the connections between a finished piece of ceramics and the earth we walk on. My goal is for those who use my work to share in this experience of the natural world.


 Each piece I create is carefully handcrafted to be functional while still achieving a high level of aesthetic excellence.

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